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Meet Your Sport and Social Club Admin Team

MSSC Admin Team
: Trevor Shelly

HQ Support Team

: Kristi Herold
: Rolston Miller
: Rob Davies
: Jen Filippelli
: Jen Krol
: Cal McCullough
Chris Bornhoft
: Michelle Roberts
: Nurissa McWilliam
: Fiona Geddes
: Sandeep Kembhavi
: Katherine Force
: Grant Winter
: Tina Ahn
: Taylor Brown
: Zoe Varga
: Vicki Jones
: Emma King
: Cole Murrell
: Carol Zhang
: Murphy the Dog
: Max the Dog
: Murray the Dog

MSSC General Manager

Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Alma Mater: Queen's University
MSSC Staff Since: 2012
Top Sports: Ultimate, Baseball
Likes: Nibs, Hazel McCallion, Blue Jays
Dislikes:  Painting, New Years Eve, Boston Red Sox
Signature Lunch:  Canard a la Rouennaise
Celebrity Look-a-like: Josh Grobin....with less hair
Resident Expert Of: All things Mississauga



Hometown:   Sudbury
Alma Mater:   Queen’s University
Top Sports:   Tennis, Triathlon, Ski Racing
Likes:   Starring in community theatre, online shopping, picking up the phone and calling people 
Dislikes:  Wimps, chips at lunch, straightening her hair
Signature Lunch: Leftovers
Celebrity Look-a-like: Steve Buscemi
Resident Expert Of:  Musicals




Hometown:  Edmonton, Alberta
Alma Mater:  Queen’s University
Top Sports:  Cycling, hockey, tennis,  ultimate, rugby, snowboarding, flip cup
Likes:   Coffee, cycling, hunting, DJing, delicious beer
Dislikes:  A morning lacking coffee, weasels, haircuts
Signature Lunch: Mr. Sub (because they always get his order right)
Celebrity Look-a-like: Stephen Baldwin
Resident Expert Of:  Website



President, ext. 224

Hometown:  Peterborough
Alma Mater:  Queen’s University
Top Sports:  soccer, hockey, Sportball
Likes:   Parodying popular songs, brainstorming in the shower, rolling doubles
Dislikes:  The Leafs, meatless lunches, Excel posers
Signature Lunch: Anything that can be delivered
Celebrity Look-a-like:  David Schwimmer
Resident Expert Of:  Clearing Obstacles



Director of Operations, ext. 241

Hometown:  Mississauga
Alma Mater:  Queen’s University
Top Sports:  dance (is dance a sport?), ultimate, All Sorts of Sports
Likes:   Winning, buckets, Be That Art (
Dislikes:  Losing, slow walkers, caesars
Signature Lunch: Sammies (that means sandwiches)
Celebrity Look-a-like: Sandra Bullock
Resident Expert Of:  Meetings that run on time



Operations Manager, ext. 234

Hometown:  Maidstone (it’s near Windsor)
Alma Mater:  University of Toronto
Top Sports:   Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Inner tube water polo
Likes:   Working tournaments, being a bridesmaid, baking
Dislikes:  Locking the keys in the car, high heels, double header schedules
Signature Lunch: Fruit perogies
Celebrity Look-a-like: Nancy Kerrigan
Resident Expert Of:  League Operations and Playoffs


Cal McCullough

Customer Experience Manager, ext. 227

Hometown:  Barrie, Ontario
Alma Mater:  Sir Wilfrid Laurier University
Top Sports:  hockey, softball, snowboarding, football
Likes:   When the Leafs win, Red Bull, his Jeep
Dislikes:  Lazy D-men, wet socks, shaving, Pierre McGuire
Signature Lunch: Tuna wrap/sandwich
Celebrity Look-a-like: Zac Efron...currently unsure of his ability to sing, dance or make free throws.
Resident Expert of: Events, Discipline, Customer Service


Lead Software Developer,  ext. 246

Hometown: Martintown, Ontario
Top Sports: Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Cycling
Likes: Games, Music Production, Dogs
Dislikes: BMW and Corolla Drivers, Incompetence, Last 2 minutes (read 45 minutes) of an NBA game
Signature Lunch: Every scrap available
Celebrity Look-a-like: Channing Tatum (friends), Mariah Carey (celeb look-a-like app… don’t use it)



Michelle Roberts
Venue Manager, ext. 233

Hometown: Metcalfe, Ontario (No you’ve never heard of it.)
Alma Mater: University of Ottawa
Top Sports: Soccer, Basketball and Curling
Likes: Will Smith, Reality Television, and Your Punny Team Names
Dislikes: Large Birds and Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
Signature Lunch: Subway’s Sub of the Day
Celebrity Look-a-like: A white, female version of Tiger Woods (According to an unreliable app…)
Resident Expert Of: Venues and permits


Event Coordinator Manager, ext. 235

Hometown: Kingston, ON
Alma Mater: Wilfrid Laurier University
Top Sports:  Curling, Soccer, Track
Likes:  Sens, Jays, Peanut Butter Chocolate Anything , Ice Cream
Dislikes: Pickles, The Leafs , TTC delays
Signature Lunch: Wraps, Pasta, Salad
Celebrity Look-a-like:  Maggie Gyllenhaal
Resident Expert Of: Event Coordinators


Communications Manager, ext. 226

Hometown: Perth, Ontario
Alma Mater: Carleton University
Top Sports: Soccer, Basketball and Tennis
Likes: Toronto Raptors, Tobogganing, When people say thank you
Dislikes: Soccer dives, Selfish people, Selfies
Signature Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup
Celebrity Look-a-like: Ellen Page


Bookkeeper, ext. 237

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Alma Mater: University of Toronto
Top Sports: Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, KanJam, Tomfoolery
Likes: Roger Federer’s inside-out forehand, Batman, well-placed puns, Shoppers Drug Mart the day after Halloween, the original NES
Dislikes: Ironing the space between the buttons on a shirt, ACL tears, ultralounges
Signature lunch: All the leftovers in the fridge compressed into one Tupperware
Celebrity Look-a-likes: Elijah Wood and Shea LaBoeuf, apparently


Assistant Event Coordinator Manager, ext. 248

Hometown: King City, ON
Alma Mater: York University
Top Sports: Snowboarding, Waterskiing, Running, Basketball
Likes: Cream eggs, NY Giants, Peanut Butter, shower beers after a long run, chocolate milk, crossing the finish line
Dislikes: When the cream egg is finished, cracking knuckles, runners trots (eeek), the end of a long weekend on the dock.
Signature Lunch: Spicy Thai Chili Tuna with Premium Plus crackers, orange, chocolate milk and a cliff bar.
Celebrity Look-A-Like: Katie Holmes


Assistant Venue Manager, ext. 236

Hometown: Whitby, ON
Alma Mater: Laurentian University
Top Sports: Tennis, Volleyball, Ultimate, Hockey, Squash, Rughby and Basketball
Likes: Detroit Red Wings, The Sandlot, underrated athletes, coffee
Dislikes: Talk radio, people texting at the dinner table, rodents
Signature Lunch: Chicken Fingers
Celebrity Look-A-Like: Ryan Gosling


Equipment Manager, ext. 247

Hometown: Aurora, Ontario
Alma Mater: University of Western Ontario
Top Sports: Soccer, Football and Golf 
Likes: Country music, Blue Jays, Cottage sunsets, Popcorn, Remember the Titans
Dislikes: Mosquitos, Long lineups, Loud chewers
Signature Lunch: Cold pizza
Celebrity Look-A-Like: Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle?)


Office Manager, ext. 249

Hometown: Bradford, Ontario
Alma Mater: Brock University 
Top Sports: Tennis, snowboarding, dragon boating. 
Likes: My dog, throw pillows, new socks, Christmas
Dislikes: Black coffee, being cold,  chipped nails.  
Signature Lunch: Chicken Salad 
Celebrity Look-a-like: Rachel Bilson 


League Associate, ext. 259

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Alma Mater: Wilfrid Laurier University 
Top Sports: Soccer, horseback riding, snowboarding
Likes: Puppies, Christmas, traveling
Dislikes: Slow walkers, coffee, socks and sandals
Signature Lunch: Sandwich or left overs
Celebrity Look-a-like: Hayden Panettiere
Resident Expert of: League and event facilitators


CFO, ext. 250

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Alma Mater: University of Alberta 
Top Sports: Tennis, golf and curling
Likes: Puppies, Good wine and great friends
Dislikes: Crazy drivers...and the 401
Signature Lunch: Salad....always some kind of salad
Celebrity Look-a-like: Bonnie Hunt....or so says the internet!
Resident Expert of: All things accounting


Emma King

League Associate, ext. 260

Hometown: Emsdale, Ontario
Alma Mater: Laurentian University 
Top Sports: Basketball and Soccer 
Likes: Dogs, chocolate chip cookies, and laughter
Dislikes: Cupboards and drawers left open, and bad listeners 
Signature Lunch: Chicken fingers and penne with alfredo sauce
Celebrity Look-a-like: Emma Watson (common name comparison)


Cole Murrell

League Associate, ext. 261

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Alma Mater: Laurentian University
Top Sports: Hockey, Lacrosse, Snowboarding
Likes: The Habs, Game of Thrones, 1990’s Adam Sandler, Yoda
Dislikes: Clipping nails in public, Car enthusiasts, the Kardashians  
Signature Lunch: Stir fry 
Celebrity Look-a-like: Kit Harington 


Carol Zhang

Software Developer, ext. 262

Hometown: Vancouver BC
Alma Mater: McGill University   
Top Sports: Swimming, TV marathons
Likes: Refined carbs, reading, River Tiber
Dislikes: Loud chewers, long commutes
Signature Lunch: Last night’s dinner 
Resident Expert Of: Moving between cities 


Office Greeter

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Top Sports: Ball Chasing, Wrestling, Marathon Running
Likes: Tummy Rubs, Milk bones, Long walks in high park
Dislikes: Fireworks, Mean Dogs, Dog tags that jingle too much
Signature Lunch: Chris’ leftover steak
Celebrity Look-a-like: Somewhere between Beethoven and Lassie


Floor Sweeper

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Top Sports: Swiffering of lint balls under office furniture
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: When the Habs lose
Signature Lunch: Kibbles and Bits
Celebrity Look-a-like: Shep


Office Guard

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Top Sports: Four-Footed Soccer, Running
Likes: Eating Everything, Squeaking Things
Dislikes: Nothing so far!
Signature Lunch: Lint
Celebrity Look-a-like: The Mountain