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First Time Sport & Social Club Member?

If you are new to Sport & Social Club, you are at the right spot. Welcome!

Maybe you've kind of heard of us through a friend, maybe you found us while Googling "sports leagues" or maybe you accidentally stumbled upon us and thought, "This looks like fun!". Whatever the reason, we want to tell you more about ourselves. Here are the 10 "Sport & Social Club Need-to Know's" that make up the unique experience we offer.

1) Our first priority is having fun. While we offer different skill levels in most of our sports, the focus is always on having a good time. We take our fun seriously around here. Anyone can play!...Let us rephrase that, anyone over 19 can play! Most of our members are in their 20's and 30's but there is no age cap. All athletic abilities are welcome too. Did we mention that it is about fun?

2) You can sign up as a full team or as an individual. Registering as a team means you get to play with your friends every week and have total control over your roster. Signing up as an individual means we'll place you on a team of other individual registrants. It's a great way to meet new people. You can request to play with any friends that also register as individuals.

3) We offer leagues, tournaments, Urban Adventures, and organize corporate events. Oh, and we offer up a whole mess of benefits like discounts at sponsor bars and deals on event tickets. Did someone say "value add?"

4) Where our my games going to be? Unless you are registered for a program that has a fixed playing venue, your team will play in a few different locations over the course of a season. The reason we lay out such a broad playing area is that venues can change from one season to the next, as well as the fact that sometimes venues are not confirmed until after our registration deadlines. Click here if you want to see a Google map of our general playing area. Certain programs may be located outside of this catchment, but this is always delineated very clearly in the information pop-ups located at the sports offered page.

5) There are no annual membership fees. You simply pay for the programs you play. You pay us if you sign up as an individual, you pay your team captain (who has paid us) if you are part of a team.

6) The majority of SSC leagues are co-ed and self-officiated. This helps promote point #1 (the fun part). If you really like the dudes in stripey shirts, we have some officiated programs too.

7) Bookmark the
Sports Leagues page. It has all you'll ever want to know about our seasonal line up.

8) For the most part, you will play in a different location each week. There are some leagues with a dedicated venue; however most leagues have multiple venues. This is where the Sports Leagues link comes in handy.

9) Do you still have more questions? Check out our FAQ! And remember, there are no dumb questions. Well, there are some, but we won't get into that here.

10) Oh yeah, our newsletter is great, so why not sign up for it (you can unsubscribe at any time)? Let's face it; while everyone says they are sick of email, it beats the heck out of getting a flyer in your mailbox. That is really irritating.

If you have further questions please email us or phone us 416-781-GAME or toll free at 1-866-921-GAME. Thanks for considering Sport & Social Club!